Project name : Wave Smart City
Created for : Wave Infratech
Description : The video focussed on the key primary facilities provided by Wave group to its residents keeping all aspects of Smartcity in mind.

Project name : Evolution to Evaluation
Created for : Population Foundation of India
Description : The focus of the video was on presenting key findings and data related to the very popular TV soap 'Mein Kuch Bhi Kar Sakti Hun' part 1.

Project name: Japanese Encephalitis
Created : for PATH
Description :A film by PATH, developed by Anya Segen for Government of Uttar Pradesh on Japanese Encephalitis. It is an effort taken to save children, who are dying just because they and their family do not have any knowledge about the disease. This film will help rural people of India to understand the serious consequences of this disease and also how to prevent it.

Project name: Kilkari
Created for : BBC Media Action
Description : Kilkari, a mobile health education service designed to help new and expecting mothers make healthier choices and lead longer lives. Kilkari (a baby’s gurgle in Hindi) delivers free, time-appropriate audio messages about pregnancy, child birth and child care directly to families’ mobile phones via Interactive Voice Response (IVR).

Project name: NHRR-Ayushman Bharat
Created for : IQVIA
Description : The objective was to showcase the intiative by Govt of India to provide quality healthcare access to all the Citizens through Ayushman Bharat scheme.

Project Name : Maternal and Infant Mortality Reduction Project
Created for : Govt. of Andhra Pradesh
Description :  The video shows the significant drop in Maternal and Neo-natal deaths in Andhra Pradesh after the launch of the project in the region, through various key data.

Project Name: Bitcoin
Created for : Corporate
Description - Created for self as part of marketing campaign. The challenge was to explain a complex information related to Bitcoin in limited time.

Project name: Management Training
Created for : NIIT
Description : The video was part of management training module. The concept was simply to explain different situations in management.

Project Name: Room
Created for : High Dimension Films
Description -The trailer of the short film Room was meant to create excitement among the audience and give them an idea about the gist of the story.

Project Name: Room
Created for : High Dimension Films
Description -The film is a bet based thriller, built the momentum right from the beginning till the last moment of the story. Not let the Audience leave their chair for a second.

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